Choosing a Quality Whiteboard Brand: A Comprehensive Whiteboard Brand Comparison

Whiteboards have become an essential tool in our modern educational institutions, offices, and homes. They facilitate collaboration, brainstorming, and learning. However, not all whiteboards are created equal. In this blog post, we'll explore the importance of choosing a quality whiteboard brand and compare various whiteboard brands to help you find the best solution. 

Importance of Choosing a Quality Whiteboard Brand

When selecting a whiteboard, one must consider factors such as ease of installation, affordability, warranty, and material quality. The right brand ensures durability and a positive writing experience. 

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Whiteboard Brand Comparison

Here's a comprehensive look at various whiteboard brands, including the pros and cons of each.


Writey offers an innovative approach to whiteboards with its peel-and-stick solutions, making the application process simple. The brand also provides custom and bulk buying options, making it appeal to both individuals and businesses. However, some customers have reported issues such as paint peeling off walls and difficulty in contacting customer support. Despite these concerns, Writey's economical resurfacing options remain a standout feature.


  • Peel and stick for simple application
  • Offers resurfacing, an economical option
  • Custom and bulk buying options available


  • Paint peeling off walls
  • Issues contacting customer support
  • Some problems with product not sticking to the wall
  • Prone to scratching over time
  • Not ideal for high-use environments (hospitals, schools, etc)


Everase prides itself on offering whiteboards that are guaranteed to stay white, ensuring that their products always look fresh and clean. They also offer several attractive designs to fit various environments and preferences. Though there have been complaints regarding difficult peel-and-stick applications and air bubble issues, the quality of the writing surface and aesthetic appeal make Everase a notable brand.


  • Guaranteed to stay white
  • Several attractive designs


  • Difficult peel and stick
  • No easy wall application
  • Air bubble issues
  • Thicker film partially blocks magnetic receptivity (if resurfacing old board)
  • Not as scratch-resistant as other options

3m Post It

3M Post It offers whiteboards with a 3-year warranty and easy installation, which provides peace of mind and convenience to customers. However, there have been reports of not-so-clean removal that may ruin walls. The brand's reputation for quality and commitment to customer satisfaction often outweighs these drawbacks, but caution is advised during the installation and removal processes.


  • 3-year warranty
  • Easy installation
  • Available in stores


  • Reports of not-so-clean removal (ruining walls)
  • Will not last in classroom environment for more than a few months
  • Easily scratches

Koroseal Walltalkers

Koroseal Walltalkers is known for its multiple writable, projectable, magnetic, and tackable surfaces. It employs meticulous lamination to prevent ink stains and offers a 10-year warranty. The requirements for specific cleaning products and complaints about customer support might deter some customers. Still, the brand's versatility and focus on quality make it a strong contender in the market.


  • Multiple writable, projectable, magnetic, and tackable surfaces
  • Meticulous lamination for no ink stains
  • 10-year warranty


  • Should be washed with specific cleaners before use
  • Projectable version tends to ghost over time
  • Self-Installation isn't an option
  • Lack of transparency regarding customer reviews


Afmat emphasizes the strength of its adhesive and the quality of its upgraded PET material. The brand is a low-cost option on Amazon and one that teachers on low budgets tend to favor due to its affordability. However, complaints of difficult application and paint peeling off walls have been reported. And given the lifespan of this product, you will need to reorder every year to keep it functioning and clean.


  • Low-cost option
  • Available on Amazon


  • Difficult application
  • Complaints of paint peeling off walls
  • Short-term solution for "low to moderate" use
  • Easily scratches and kinks


DexBoard's aluminum construction and magnetic features allow for multifunctional use, but the brand has been criticized for lacking unique features and delivering products that may arrive dented or damaged. Although some may find DexBoard's offerings unremarkable, the brand's simplicity and straightforward approach to whiteboards may appeal to those seeking a no-frills solution.


  • Aluminum construction
  • Magnetic


  • Reports of board arriving dented or damaged


Viz-Pro offers a magnetic writing surface that doesn't stain, ensuring a clean and effective writing experience. Complaints about the mounting system and air bubbles have been noted. However, Viz-Pro's free shipping and commitment to providing functional and reliable whiteboards make it a worthwhile option for various users.


  • Magnetic writing surface
  • Doesn't stain


  • Complaints about mounting system
  • Air bubbles

Amazon Basics

Amazon Basics' magnetic surface and easy installation make it an appealing choice for those seeking a convenient whiteboard solution. However, some customers have reported denting and poor build quality. As a budget-friendly option, Amazon Basics may suit those who need a basic and accessible whiteboard without expecting high-end features.


  • Magnetic surface
  • Easy installation


  • Some reports of denting or other product damage
  • Poor build quality

U Brands

U Brands offers whiteboards with a magnetic painted steel writing surface, suitable for various applications. While there have been reports of damaged arrivals and somewhat weak magnetic properties, the brand's focus on functionality and versatile design caters to a wide audience.


  • Magnetic painted steel writing surface


  • Somewhat weak magnetic properties
  • Bubbles


XBoard stands out with its anti-scratch magnetic dry erase surface and offers free replacements for new arrivals with issues. Some inconsistencies with listed dimensions and damaged arrivals have been reported. XBoard's customer-centric approach and focus on quality, however, make it an attractive option for those seeking reliable whiteboard solutions.


  • Anti-scratch magnetic dry erase surface
  • Easy to erase


  • Dimensions listed may be off
  • Reports of product arriving damaged


Quartet is a well-known brand offering whiteboards that erase well without staining or ghosting. While there have been some reports of weak magnetic components and compatibility issues with certain dry-erase markers, Quartet's 3-year warranty and attractive silver aluminum frame design continue to make it a popular choice among consumers.


  • Erases well (no staining or ghosting)
  • 3-year warranty


  • Weak magnetic component
  • Doesn't work well with all dry-erase markers

Think Board

Think Board is widely regarded as a premium and affordable whiteboard solution. Known for its easy setup and installation with peel-and-stick technology, this brand stands out for affordability and variety without compromising on quality. Think Board is suited for a wide array of environments, including classrooms, offices, homes, and work-from-home setups. Its products offer modern dry-erase solutions that are unmatched in the industry, and no ghosting or staining has been reported.


  • Easy setup and installation with lifetime removable peel-and-stick
  • Affordable without compromising quality
  • Suitable for various environments (classroom, office, home, work-from-home)
  • No reported ghosting or staining
  • 10-year warranty
  • Scratch-resistant finish
  • Sharpie-proof finish


  • Only offered as a peel-and-stick whiteboard film



Choosing the right whiteboard brand is crucial for a satisfying and productive experience. This whiteboard brand comparison has highlighted the pros and cons of various options. Invest in Think Board, the best whiteboard brand for your classroom or office. Visit our website today to explore our products and make the smart choice for your whiteboard solutions!

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