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    If your question is not here, Contact Us and we will get back to you shortly!

    Q: What is your return policy?

    A: If you don't like it, it's on us :) We want you to be happy - that is our #1 priority!

    Please email us at hello@think-board.com with a replacement or refund request, as well as a picture of the product. We would prefer to send a replacement, but if you want a full refund, that is okay too. 

    Q: What is the difference between a "Think Board Add On" and a "Think Board Kit"? 

    A: Think Board Kits come with a marker, spray, velcro dots and a magic cloth. Think Board Add Ons are only the Think Board film itself. If this is your first order, we recommend the Think Board Kit.

    Q: What is the difference between Normal and Premium? 

    A: Think Board Premium should last 6-10 years, whereas the regular Think Boards should last 3-5. For heavy use, definitely get the premium!

    Q: Can I cut it? 

    A: Yes you can cut it! You can cut the Think Board into any shape or size you desire. If you would like a large number at a specific size, we can do bulk orders with lower prices for you. 

    Q: Will Think Board damage my wall? 

    A: No! Think Board removes easily without harming your wall, or leaving a sticky residue. Just peel it off - there will be no damage to your wall, desk, or door!

    Q: Does it work on ANY surface?

    A: We do not recommend placing a Think Board on brick, eggshell/textured walls, or wallpaper. We have customers in the past that have had issues. Please try your Think Board on painted sheetrock, wood, stainless steel, blackboard or plastic! 

    Q: I want to use my Think Board on a black/dark desk, does that work?

    A: Yes! It looks really sweet too! Try checking out white erase markers - they are awesome!

    Q: Can I use any type/color of marker? 

    A: We recommend using the black Expo marker that is provided with your purchase. Expo colored markers work too, but some colors may leave a smudge. Do NOT use Expo BOLD markers because some of them are permanent. Wet erase markers work very well!

    Q: Does it ghost? 

    A: Nope! If you use the dry erase spray cleaner provided you should be ghost free:) Hooray!  

    Q: Are they hard to install? 

    A: Not if you use two people! Watch the setup video here.

    Q: Can I roll it up and take it with me?

    A: It's possible but we do not recommend it. The Think Board could be difficult to place back on the liner, or get dirty in transport. We are working on a solution.

    Q: Do you have Bulk or Custom options?

    A: Yes we do! Send an email to hello@think-board.com to get started. Bulk discounts available!

    Q: My Think Board is falling off the wall! 

    A: Peel off entirely, spray a paper towel with water, and wipe down the wall before installation. The moisture will help the Think Board stick. Install again using the squeegee to release any air bubbles. Watch the setup video here.

    Q: Do you accept checks?

    A: Yes! Please make checks payable to "Think Board" and send to: Think Board, 610 Maple Avenue, Saratoga Springs NY, 12866. Please attach a note with your name, shipping address, telephone number, and order!

    Q: Do you ship internationally? 

    A: Yup! We ship internationally! Just enter your details and it'll be out the door and flying to you soon. :)

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